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Focuses on awakening all of your senses. We don’t just soothe the body, we also reinvigorate the mind and the soul. Wellness Health resort Mauritius Africa.

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We live our lives through our senses. Whether you enjoy relaxing on our soft sandy beach with a refreshing cocktail in hand as the scent of sweet sugarcane fills the air, or prefer indulging in the most fresh food in our restaurants, Shanti Maurice has everything covered.


Each of the generously sized suites and luxurious villas at Shanti Maurice boast uninterrupted views across the calm waters of the Indian Ocean. Surrounded by fragrant private gardens, spacious terraces, and offering their own refreshing private pools, our contemporary styled villas offer everything you need for a luxurious Mauritius getaway.


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Reinvigorate yourself in our relaxing wellness spa. Our extensive menu of rejuvenating and invigorating therapies feature the ancient practices of Ayurveda and Yoga combined with the latest international wellness regimes that include Hydrotherapy, Cocoons, Body Polishes, Fusion Massage and Watsu treatments. Lay back and let your everyday stresses float away, listen to the soothing music as your mind drifts to a tranquil world, and feel the soothing natural oils and lotions cleansing your skin. Experience a fully-immersive mind and body restoration through yoga, pilates and traditional meditation.

Shanti Spa is pure paradise. We have yoga rooms with specially designed flooring for exercising, meditation rooms, Pilates studios, a Jacuzzi, lap pool, Watsu pool, an AquaFit swimming pool and a hair salon as well. Each area of the spa has been designed with your relaxation and wellbeing in mind.

Our extensive treatments menu is sure to satisfy even the most tense guests. Our range of unique therapies includes Ayurvedic and yoga inspired workouts, state of the art hydrotherapy, body polishing, massages and Watsu treatments, each designed to remedy different ailments and issues. Our spa also specialises in inner body treatments, including holistic therapies, sensory revitalisation therapy, spiritual awakening, and positive dietary modifications. Leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Programs & Retreats

  • Yoga at Shanti Spa- Enjoy holistic wellbeing and discover the world of yoga and its elements in authentic pureness offered in a unique diversity from beginner to professional level with our large international team of Yoga masters, visiting masters and mediation specialists.
  • My Sport- Experience our ultimate and exclusive wellness options especially designed for you. 
  • Acupuncture- Our Naturopath doctor will work on those pressure points targeted to reduce stress and banish fatigue.
  • Osteopathy- Osteopathy is manual medicine and the application of the science of healing that uses the natural resources of the body as curative agents or means. 
  • Hypnotherapy and RTT- Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid therapy that embraces many positive aspects of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). RTT builds on the basis that past experiences, habits and beliefs create patterns in the subconscious mind, and that these patterns dictate our attitudes, actions and reactions. 
  • Wellness classes & activities- From yoga through to AquaFit, we offer a range of wellness classes and activities for you to experience during your stay with us. 
  • Wellbeing cuisine- Featuring healthier, lighter preparations created from natural ingredients, Shanti Spa cuisine reflects traditional styles of cooking in a contemporary manner through balancing delicious flavours with rejuvenating nourishment, blending ancient Ayurvedic concepts and yogic arts together with modern day spa-orientated nutrition.

Our haven of pure relaxation, takes guests on a journey of self discovery


Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa
Wellness Health resort Mauritius Africa
Coastal Road, Saint Felix,
Mauritius, Africa

© Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa