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The LifeCo’s wellness programs are specifically designed plans that aim to improve your health and happiness.

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Located within the famous 5-star Akra Hotel, The LifeCo Akra Antalya Center offers its guests Europe’s best result oriented options of healthy nutrition and detox programs. At The LifeCo Akra Antalya, you will feel renewed by a comprehensive set of therapies, a healthy nutrition plan and the ultimate soothing environment while your loved ones enjoy the city of Antalya. Better functioning digestion, healthier & shinier skin, boosted metabolism & immune, sense of lightness, cleaned gut and many more. In addition to all of these physical benefits, you will be leaving our site with the solid knowledge of “how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle” which is going to be the most essential gain.



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Master Cleanse is our quickest and most effective detox cleanse program. Also known as Master Detox, this juice fasting program does not involve any chewing but a special drink we call ‘detox shake’. It is designed to remove toxins that your body has accumulated, and let you experience the ultimate inner cleansing effect in such a short time. Our body and mind require a reset every now and then. Toxins accumulated through the years affect regular functions in our body. The modern lifestyle in urban cultures has created many health problems and most people are going through numerous symptoms. Master Cleanse can help you to solve some of the most prominent issues for the modern dweller.

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Programs & Retreats

Weight Loss Program, Diabetes Recovery Program, Water Fasting Program, Liver Support Program, GetFit & Healthy Program, Mindfulness Program.
Throughout 10 years of experience and 30.000+ guests healed, we have the privilege of creating the wellness programs – topped with therapies, exercises- that are designed with in-depth research, testing and optimization.

The LifeCo retreats primary goal is to feed every individual with the awareness of the body’s healing power, given the right conditions.


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