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A memorable experience with changes to both physical and mental health including weight loss, increased mental clarity and energy, and detoxifying in an active, healthy and sustainable way.


Nestled in nature with no distractions, The Ranch Malibu spans 200 acres in the Santa Monica Mountains, and provides the perfect setting to calm the mind, return to nature and focus on your mental and physical health goals. Through guided fitness regime, wellness support and properly calibrated nutrition, Ranch Malibu’s immersive programs allow guests to detoxify their bodies in a healthy, sustainable way, all while getting back to basics in nature. The Ranch Malibu’s programs give one the opportunity to determine where they are on the road to balanced and healthy living along with the knowledge and tools to make sustainable healthy changes in their daily lives.

There are unique health services and treatments offered including IV Therapy, cholesterol testing, a cold plunge pool and cryotherapy saunas. Guests are in a sequestered environment with no televisions, no cell and limited wi-fi service available to further aid in mental detoxification.


19 private cottages, each beautifully decorated with reclaimed wood floors, limestone bathrooms, and linen-covered queen and king-sized beds. The calming colors and beautiful aesthetic of your own private room will not only add to your relaxation and transformation but also support a restful night’s sleep.


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Unplug from your busy daily life and recalibrate the mind and body through the immersive, weeklong results-oriented health program in Malibu, California. Ideal for those in need of a vacation with lasting benefits, this retreat delivers sustainable results through a strict, “no-options” philosophy.

Voted #1 destination spa resort in the U.S. And the world in condé nast traveler’s 2020 readers’ choice awards, all The Ranch program is based on sustaining the mind, body and spirit through a healthy lifestyle. 

Nature is Ranch Malibu’s inspiration. From celebrating its bounty with a seasonal menu, to marveling in its splendor each morning on daily hikes, Ranch Malibu’s commitment to the earth can be seen throughout all it’s program.

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Programs & Retreats

The Ranch program and staff are dedicated to creating a safe, secure and sacred place to allow for personal awareness and life transformation; physically, mentally and spiritually. In Ranch Malibu’s fitness and wellness programs, you will stimulate the mind and body through sustainable exercise while enjoying healthy plant-based meals of non-processed foods.  This powerful combination increases metabolism, cleanses the system, balances the immune system and offers a heightened sense of mental clarity and serenity.

Ranch weight loss programs are based upon years of collective experience and observation, with ongoing regime adjustments to ensure the most weight and inches are lost in a safe and sustainable way. Limited to 23 guests each session…

Guests can participate together in an active daily schedule consisting of 6 hours of low-impact exercise. Following a breathtaking and varied 4-hour group hiking excursion each morning, guests enjoy lunch, nap time, an afternoon fitness class, restorative yoga and a daily massage. The program is designed to allow guests to connect with nature’s healing elements along with experiencing more unique modalities including a mid-week 60-minute sound bath. Pre- and post-program cholesterol testing and body fat analysis are also offered along with acupuncture and cryotherapy saunas to enhance your results.

Perfect setting to calm the mind, return to nature and focus on your mental and physical health goals.


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