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Ancestral healing techniques are strengthened with modern science to give unique and extraordinary wellness results


Chablé Yucatán recovers the splendor of the aristocracy and the bases of Mayan well-being. It’s true: luxury attracts, as beauty does. As knowledge, as health. But today luxury is not only being surrounded by fine objects: it is a way of seeing the world, of living in harmony, of receiving through the door of the senses the gift of the world. Luxury is to live true experiences, recover those summits of comfort and magnificence, but without forgetting the physical and spiritual well-being, the certainty of our place in the universe and in our own conscience. Luxury is not a visit: it is a way of living. Luxury, well-being, knowledge, beauty demand our deepest harmony. We are heirs of an almost unimaginable legacy of wealth.

The Chablé Spa cenote is an inspiration to take wellness to another level; it is about improving life, reconnecting with ourselves through the celebration of the mind, body, and soul; our goal is to make our guests smile. This is what wellness means to us and that is why we embark on a mission to redefine it.


A beautiful collection of casitas and villas submerged in nature


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Spiritual therapy: balances of  your energy with the traditional Mexican medicine, with the extraction, rearrangement, and liberation of the ancestral or current energies. In the therapy, it is perceived what the soul of the person needs for the release of blockages, canalizing the energy of the ancient healing.

Purification: Energies purification or transformation of situations. For new beginnings and renewal of projects, the locks are released preparing for the opening of the mind and spirit. This experience is recommended for: new projects, companies, families, or sickness.

Energy Balance: Asking the cosmic courses for permission, with an offering to the elements; negative energy is removed harmonizing with clean energy.

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Programs & Retreats

The heart of Chablé Yucatán, the cenote, uncovers the climax of the natural beauty of this place. This space shelters all activities related to Chablé’s concept of wellness. This redefinition that welcomes everything that creates well-being and balance from the soul to the space we inhabit.

In front of the cenote, filled with light and overlooking the Mayan forest, the Chablé fitness center is equipped with the latest Technogym technology. Two personal Kinesis stations, cardio equipment, treadmills, ellipticals, fixed and strength exercise bikes, a multi-station with incline and decline benches, adjustable cables, chest, leg and abdominal presses and vertical traction, as well as dumbbells and medicine balls.

From gentle yoga to pilates in the water, Chablé offers activities to help you find mindfulness and balance in your life, focusing your breathing and body, helping you find physical and mental peace.

Wellbeing is achieved through connection to the environment, the body’s work and practice with the mind to redefine experiences, curiosity, energy and the expansion of our senses


Chablé Yucatan
Tablaje 642 San Antonio Chablé,
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