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Wellness and medical services under one roof  – Individual and conscious nutrition. Wellness F.X.Mayr Hotel Switzerland.


At the foot of the Alpstein, idyllically situated in the middle of nature, you will find yourself and your personal well-being. Health and beauty promote a positive attitude to life and physical vitality. Under expert medical guidance you will increase your fitness and find new strength. The specialist will guide you through the therapy programme that has been put together individually for you. All you need is a positive attitude to want to change something in your life. Enter the place for your deceleration and bring your body, mind and soul into harmony. Because you can only draw strength and recharge your batteries when you feel good. Leave your everyday life behind and immerse yourself in our oasis of well-being.


We are not really a hotel. You don’t come to us just to spend the night. You come to us if you want to feel at home and yet in a completely different place. We offer you everything a hotel needs – and yet so much more.


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With our proven high level of patient satisfaction, we are one of the best rehabilitation clinics in Switzerland. In the midst of beautiful nature, you will find the ideal place for your recovery here under medical care. A competent team of doctors and a modern infrastructure contribute to the ideal conditions for a good recovery, as does the range of complementary medicine. Our clinic is recognised by the Cantonal Department of Health as a private hospital and specialises in modern post-operative treatment and rehabilitation for injuries, illnesses and states of exhaustion.

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F. X. Mayr®: Transformation for body, mind and soul. Vitality, creativity and performance are not only the secret of success, but also the source of joy in life. The release of happiness hormones is a reward for conscious renunciation during healthy and proper fasting.
During your stay at Hof Weissbad, the first and only centre for Modern Mayr Medicine in Switzerland, you are assured of a pleasantly stimulating atmosphere and a wide range of opportunities for relaxation. The ideal climate and the radiance of the mountain world form a natural prerequisite for regaining lost vitality and are an excellent complement to the F. X. Mayr® cure. The cure becomes a great experience – a journey to oneself. Based on the findings of the Austrian naturopath Dr. F. X. Mayr® and adapted to modern times, the F. X. Mayr® cure has a firm place in the Hof Weissbad Health Centre.

MeD-TeN® … and the genes eat along with it. Are you looking for alternatives to conventional medicine, but don’t want to do without the experience and knowledge of a doctor?
MeD-TeN® combines the findings of modern medicine with traditional European naturopathy. By determining your GenoType and the appropriate diet for you, you naturally stimulate your body’s self-healing powers and strengthen your health, vitality and zest for life. Many environmental factors, but also our very own genes, determine which diet has a positive influence on our well-being. This varies from person to person. With the help of your family history, measurement of body mass ratios, determination of blood group and a fingerprint analysis, we establish a relationship to your metabolism. The measurement results show which GenoType you are and how you can have a significant positive influence on your health and well-being with your own personal nutrition programme. Six different GenoTypes are known. In addition, laboratory tests and consultations with your doctor will provide information about your current health situation.

Conscious nutrition and exercise under professional guidance help to advance the recovery process. Classical medicine and alternative healing methods are combined in a unique way.


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