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La Réserve Genève Luxury Spa Resort Switzerland offers better-aging programs, beauty care, medical & osteopathy and so much more.

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La Réserve Genève – Hotel, Spa and Villa is an extraordinary haven where you can meet with your loved ones and enjoy the rare privilege of experiencing unforgettable moments. Everyone at their own pace, according to their individual desires. Between the lake and the mountains, nothing matters except the pleasure of simply living your best life, without having to organize or plan anything, as everything is already on hand.


La Reserve is home to beautifully designed villas, suites and rooms with magnificent views


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Free yourself from stress, recapture your dynamism, trim and tone your body, and slow down the effects of time with our range of spa rituals, fitness programmes, health and wellness retreats. The ultimate aim being to live better, for as long as possible La Réserve Genève offers better-aging programs, beauty care, medical & osteopathy and so much more. Within a resolutely high-end environment, Spa Nescens offers you unique synergies between treatments, nutrition and physical activity in order to achieve visible and lasting results.

Specialized & focus

Programs & Retreats

Nescens better-aging programs were developed to help you identify the risk factors and imbalances relating to your lifestyle in order to modify them and obtain lasting results..

In this way, all Nescens better-aging programs begin with an indepth diagnostic phase. This overview is conducted by a multidisciplinary team from the spa which combines complementary expertise (preventive medicine, osteopathy, nutrition). The different components of the program (nutrition, physical activity, treatment) are personalized by medical teams who supervise the expert contingent (coaches, therapists, etc.).

Café Lauren offers you refined and healthy cuisine. This better-aging way of eating, combined with the advice of our nutritionist, enables you to achieve lasting, frustration-free slimness, or simply learn to eat better.

Throughout your program, the focus in firmly on pleasure and good living, while making no compromises when it comes to effectiveness.


The aim is not to chase time, but instead to infuse it with an intense and vibrant new dimension


La Réserve Genève – Hotel
Luxury Spa Resort Switzerland
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