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Offers international spa treatments as well as traditional cures, soul-caressing wellness therapies, relaxation techniques and modern device-based diagnostics 

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NaturMed Hotel Carbona is a certified medical spa and wellness hotel, dedicated to health-conscious recreation. The hotel is located at the internationally known and famous bathing city of Hévíz, just a stone’s throw – only 10 km – from Lake Balaton. Hévíz is well known for its warm-water, natural lake which caters to the needs of visitors all throughout the year. NaturMed Hotel Carbona is located 500 meters from Lake Hévíz and the city center, in the middle of a 4.5 hectare arboretum-like park, guaranteeing tranquility, rest and recovery for all.


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NaturMed Hotel Carbona’s greatest strength lies in the complexity of having everything at the hotel that is necessary for a substantive, health-oriented, yet relaxing and pampering hotel stay. The hotel focuses on a health first approach allowing preservation and recreation of significant well-being of guests and their families offering a wide range of therapies and treatments to renew and boost up well-being. These range from traditional therapies, wellness, pampering therapies to health assessments and programs. 

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Hévíz is also a city featuring one of Europe’s most unique sources of thermal water. One of the key elements of the various wellness therapies, medical spa treatments and health preservation programs is the traditional thermal water-based balneology cure which is particularly recommended for musculoskeletal diseases. Thanks to the spa experiences, even therapies which are undeservedly considered outdated – despite their proven effectiveness – are charged with a new meaning, such as medicinal water drinking cures, mud baths and packs, not to mention cupping therapy or therapeutic massages based on ancient experiences.

These tried and tested therapies are nicely supplemented by modern status assessment devices which provide a comprehensive overview of the condition of the human body. If you undergo a treatment appropriate to your characteristics, you have a greater chance of achieving successful results and the renewal of your body.

The hotel’s hotel’s full-scale wellness services allow you to find the harmony with yourself, your surroundings, body and soul. Accordingly, the hotel offers a range of natural remedies and treatments, Thalasso therapy treatments, Ayurveda therapies based on the Indian system of medicine as well as various beauty programs, exercise therapies, meditational programs, fasting cures, as well as sport, fitness and leisure time activities. The effectiveness the range of medical esthetic treatments, is guaranteed by a skilled physician, modern devices and scientifically selected active agents.

The sauna will let you experience the refreshing and skin-hydrating effect of salt and honey dousing or the mineral replenishing effect of the fruity-vitamin. The thermal bath pools are filled with medicinal water with a composition and temperature identical to Lake Hévíz. Experience the beneficial effects of these medicinal waters that are replenished every day by fresh thermal water from the hotel’s dedicated spring.

NaturMed Hotel believes wellness helps the body and soul become fresher, healthier and more well-balanced.


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