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Programs are based on medical evidence and are tailored by the doctors and experts to fit guests’ unique treatment profiles and objectives. Medical Wellness Retreat Italy.


Majestic, refined and unmistakable in its perfect Liberty (Art Nouveau) style, the Palazzo was built to be the grandest hotel in Europe – indeed, it was the first hotel with a swimming pool on the continent. In the early years of the twentieth century, it was the most fashionable meeting place for the doyens of political, scientific and cultural society, as well as a favourite destination for European aristocracy. Now, following a remarkable transformation, the hotel once again welcomes guests of distinction to its luxurious accommodation.

Fiuggi’s spring water is the transformative life force of this iconic spa hotel. In Fiuggi everything is born from the water whose source has been revered for centuries.


At Palazzo Fiuggi, guest rooms are beyond luxurious. Flooded by natural light and offering views across the park, towards the old town or the pool, each room features smart contemporary styling that complements the Liberty-period provenance of the historical building. Adorned with objets d’art, rooms exude character and charm and create a comfortable and relaxing backdrop to every visit.


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Fusing ancient holistic disciplines with the keystones of traditional Western medicines, the exclusive medical-scientific therapies promote greater well-being, health and longevity. Beginning with a targeted evaluation and diagnostic consultancy, the team of scientists, doctors and gurus will create a customized pathway designed to deliver tangible results. A carefully calibrated follow-up protocol will help you maintain your objectives in the long term.

The three-star Michelin chef, Heinz Beck uses his graduate expertise in Natural Bioenergies to create light and healthy personal menus from natural ingredients. Surrounded by unspoilt nature and healing waters, Fiuggi will open the doorway to a healthier life.

Fiuggi’s natural springs, celebrated for their purifying and healing powers, have drawn pilgrims to the region for hundreds of years.

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Programs & Retreats

Palazzo Fiuggi boasts 6000 sqm of wellness and medical spa facilities designed to encourage relaxation and promote a lifelong approach to wellness. The beautifully styled accommodation inspires and delights, with an abundance of high-end finishes and dedicated areas for an extensive range of treatments.

The spa uses the renowned Fiuggi waters to transformational effect. The larger rooms – including the gymnasium and yoga studios – have picture windows overlooking the gardens and allowing the sunlight to flood in. Spread across 6000 sqm, the medical spa is finished with precious elemental materials such as stone and marble. At the heart of the wellness center are the thalassotherapy baths with sea minerals and a spa suite that includes whirlpool, sauna and Turkish baths.

The Palazzo Fiuggi clinic combines medical and spa therapies to diagnose, prescribe and implement treatments and procedures that are personailzed to each guest’s needs. The team of specialists will use their expertise to tailor programs to transform health and wellbeing in the long term.

A generous 400 sqm gymnasium is situated in the Palazzo’s former ballroom. The light and airy space is the location for our core exercise programs which promote wase of movement and ‘remise en-forme’. Expect the latest equipment, including Icaros VR machines.

The Palazzo’s 700 sqm facility perfectly reproduces the experience of ancient Roman baths. The area, connected to the central body of the building, enjoys a unique view of the fascinating old town.

At Palazzo Fiuggi you will enjoy your own personalized menu, expertly designed and prepared to precisely match your nutritional requirements. 

Directed by Palazzo Fiuggi’s cosmetic consultant, Dr. Barbara Sturm, the beauty clinic incorporates the latest facilities, treatments and products to help guests radiate beauty from the inside out. The holistic approach promotes a fit, active, healthy body and mind that’s complemented by top beauty treatments and products.

Palazzo Fiuggi understands the power of nutrition to promote wellness. It’s why we created a special nutrition and exercise program for our guests: the Palazzo Fiuggi Food Line. Developed by the in-house experts, the program is individually tailored to each guest, featuring a personalized combination of healthful nutrients.

Palazzo Fiuggi is the home of wellness for body, mind and soul. 


Palazzo Fiuggi
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