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Sianji wellbeing designs healthy vacations for your body and soul. Wellness Health Resort Turkey.

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Our resort provides all year round wellness services for guests who are looking to improve their health, beauty and living standards. Our specialists will guide you through our programs in order to increase your over all Well – being, and energy levels while you rid yourselves off the negative effects of stressful everyday life and during your Mediteranean vacation. we aim to send you home rejunivated and happy.

You can feel home while staying in a residence or a suite, lose excess weight, acquire healthier habits, and purify your body and mind. Our facilities include Eiffel diet restaurant where they can have a healthy diet, a detox bar in Sianji life cafe where detox juices, shakes and raw food meals are served. Guests can observe their food being prepared, join our raw food presentations to learn recipes, and attend weekly life transformation classes to learn about how to make healthy lifestyle changes for the future. The fitness team provides daily activities including yoga, meditation, cardiovascular exercıses and aqua gym classes as well as private fitness classes. The certıfıed massage therapists will provide you with massages and treatments in our award winning Muu spa & wellness to help you relax and support your detoxification process. Our spa includes a family and VIP turkish hamam, infrared and classic sauna and steam room, and a indoor thalasso pool.


63 villas beautifully designed contemporary villas


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Sianji Well-being Thermal Resort brings its achievements crowned with awards, including Europe`s Best Health Tourism Facility Award and World Travel Awards 7-star SPA & Wellness Hotel award, to the top with very special thermal services. It offers unique thermal waters in VIP rooms and indoor thermal pools in a very special concept for the healing of our valued guests. The richest mineral thermal waters and the Sianji Well-being Thermal Resort concept are offered to guests who want to strengthen their immunity and heal many chronic diseases, especially during the autumn-winter season.

The hot spring waters offered to our guests at Sianji Well-being Thermal Resort eliminate health problems in many different areas such as rheumatic diseases, skin diseases, diabetes, and excessive weight gain. These are the diseases healed by the Thermal Spring Water

  • Neurological orthopedic and traumatic conditions such as Neuralgias, After stroke, orthopedic surgery, After trauma and fractures
  • SPA and wellness cures- For a more vigorous body and healthier organ functions, it can be used for health protection and strengthening, healthy weight and anti-obesity.
  • Rheumatic diseases such as Arthritis in joints ,Inflammatory rheumatic diseases, YuSoft tissue rheumatism and Chronic low back pain, neck pain and other muscular and skeletal system painful conditions
  • Skin diseases such as Psoriasis, Puberty acne and Eczema

Specialized & focus

Programs & Retreats

Sianjı offers a balanced diet and two detox programs:

  • Master Detox- With master detox your digestive system will rest and renew itself while your blood sugar levels will stay stable.
  • Raw Food Detox- In Sianji, you will find that raw food does not mean simply fruits and salads. Our raw food chefs will prepare gourmet vegan platters such as raw pizza, spagetti, sushi and wraps. Use of slow drying techniques and ingredients such as soaked nuts and sprouted seeds will enrich your palette, the gorgeous presentations will satisfy your sense of aesthetics.
  • Anti Aging Diet- While Sianji Detox Programs support your antioxidant mechanism in a short time and intensely to purify the body, Sianji Anti Aging Diet Program aims to keep you healthy and lose weight by organizing a holistic, balanced and sustainable diet.
  • Ketogenic Diet- By changing the energy system of the body, you can start weight loss with an accelerating effect with the ketogenic diet that supports energy from fat burning.

Relax, rejuvenate and unwind in the heart of a tranquil paradise.


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