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The Buchinger Wilhelmi programme is based on therapeutic fasting developed by the clinics’ founder, Dr. Otto Buchinger. Fasting Health Clinic Spain.

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The residences of Buchinger Wilhelmi in Marbella stand in the shade of ancient palm trees with views of the Mediterranean. Infused with light and featuring natural materials and colours, the clinic’s architecture blends harmoniously with the Mediterranean landscape. The clinic in Marbella founded in 1973 by Otto Buchinger’s daughter, Maria Buchinger, who was known as the “Grand Dame of therapeutic fasting”, is modelled on the clinic on Lake Constance with patients’ health and wellbeing in mind. Surrounded by gardens filled with fragrant herbs and planted with bougainvillea, olive and carob trees, its focus is on sustainability and regionality.


The clinic has approx. 100 rooms, from snug retreats looking onto the garden to generously designed suites with views of the sea and the Rock of Gibraltar. The clinic comprises the main house from 1973 and Villa Maria built in 2012. Both residences are set in a park with tropical plants. There is also a heated outdoor pool, a spacious spa area, a gym, a fitness studio with a separate Pilates room, a teaching kitchen, a library as well as several lecture rooms and other amenities.


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This method has been continuously enhanced in cooperation with university research centres and takes into account the rapid progress made in international fasting research in recent years. In addition to their focus on therapeutic fasting and supplementary nutritional strategies, the clinics offer a wide range of therapies. Above all, however, they are havens of peace and relaxation.
More than 200 employees at our clinic in Marbella welcome 3,000 guests from all over the world every year. A team of more than 10 doctors with numerous additional qualifications – in sports medicine, internal medicine, diabetology, nutritional medicine, naturopathy, TCM, orthomolecular medicine, among others – take care of the health concerns of our guests.
Some 20 nurses and nursing assistants provide care and support for guests during their stay. The range of services includes more than 250 different treatments in the areas of massage and relaxation, fitness, physiotherapy, nutrition, psychotherapy and cosmetics, all performed by certified therapists.

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The holistic approach developed by Dr. Otto Buchinger goes far beyond simply reducing the amount one eats. Energizing the body and spirit with physical, contemplative and creative activities plays a very special role during fasting.
Effects of fasting and indications: Buchinger Wilhelmi therapeutic fasting is a procedure whereby a person voluntarily goes without food for a certain length of time, living mainly on their fat reserves instead. This stimulates autophagy and detox enzymes, resulting in a deep cleansing of the cells and tissue. At the same time, fasting reduces all inflammatory processes, alleviates pain and improves mobility The success of fasting depends to a large extent on the four-day period at the end of the fast, during which patients gradually start to eat normal meals again. During this process, dormant stem cells are activated and new structures built up. It is a period of regeneration (also called rejuvenation) with tremendous therapeutic potential.
Fasting can be used to treat numerous diseases. It can also be enjoyed once a year as a preventive measure. Preventive fasting has a favourable effect, among others in patients with risk factors such as obesity (particularly abdominal), hypertension, type 2 diabetes, hypercholesterolemia as well as smoking, a lack of exercise and stress. In addition, there are numerous therapeutic indications for fasting, which are increasingly being documented by scientific research.

“Stimulate the spirit and soul, and the body will tone down its demands.”
Dr. med. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo


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