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Explore the connection of body, mind and spirit at Cal Reiet where holistic living is a lifestyle. Holistic Retreats Spain.

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Cal Reiet’s aim is to create a magical place, where guests can find inspiration, joy and harmony within. Cal Reiet was founded with the purpose of inspiring guests with a unique and transformative experience. Cal Reiet’s different retreats include yoga, meditation and mindfulness workshops, seminars and other holistic wellness related events. The retreats include all aspects of wellbeing; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social. Most of the retreats are led by renowned international teachers and holistic wellness experts. You can choose a completely personalised wellbeing experience tailored to your individual needs, or you can choose to join one of our upcoming group retreats.







Cal Reiet is a holistic wellbeing retreat and boutique lifestyle retreat featuring 15 beautifully designed rooms and suites.


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Cal Reiet is a house of friendship- a place for like-minded travellers and locals alike to meet, connect and share experiences. Nourishment is one of the foundational parts of Cal Reiet’s values. Cal Reiet’s consciousness based approach translates into its cuisine which aligns with the principle of “food as a medicine”. Cal Reiet use only fresh, locally-sourced organic ingredients, partly sourced from the kitchen garden. Cal Reiet embrace lifelong learning, and Cal Reiet’s intention is not to be everything to everyone, but rather, to offer each individual their own space in which to grow.

Cal Reiet’s yoga shala is a space for peace and quiet contemplation and meditation. Classes are offered both on an individual basis and for groups, as well as international teachers hosting yoga retreats and other holistic wellbeing retreats. The wellness area includes both a private beauty treatment room and an open air massage area. The gym is basic but lacks nothing for a complete workout. It has a cross trainer and is centred on free weights and exercises using your own body weight.

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Programs & Retreats

Cal Reit offers retreats targeted for development of your holistic well-being.  Joyful Summer Retreat will let you practice joyful Yoga, experience meditation easily  and enjoy cooking with local organic products. You will also get enough time to  relax by the pool or with one of the numerous massages and holistic treatments in the hotel,  explore the beaches in the vicinity or to experience the popular weekly market in Santanyí with all your senses. Summer Yoga Academy have invited a team of skilful yoga teachers into the sanctuary. With their different backgrounds, they will share a powerful practice with you in a joyful atmosphere. Five amazing teachers and therapists will guide and share their practice with our retreat guests, visitors and yogis from the island this summer. 

In yogic philosophy santosha is explained as the key gateway to spiritual growth and individual happiness. Cal Reit’s Yoga Retreat will explore if ancient wisdom and yogic philosophy can inspire to gain some light contentment while adapting our asana practice, breath work and meditation towards attaining sharper focus and awareness. The techniques used stems over Chakrayoga, Vinyasayoga, Hathayoga, Restorative practices, Pranayama, Ayurveda and meditation. Every morning starts with a flowing, sweet yoga class followed by a guided meditation.

Cal Reiet is an oasis away from everyday life where you can rejuvenate, grow and reconnect with your true-self.


Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat
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