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The Rickatschwende has been a centre for health and F. X. Mayr medicine for nearly 30 years.


Our hotel’s discreet atmosphere with countless possible retreats and a modern, smart setting guarantee you will rediscover all aspects of yourself here.


Our hotel built out of rocks and trees from the surrounding area is situated nestled into almost surreal beauty. Preciously framed by forests, mountains, lakes and streams with crystal clear water. All of this as well as the pure air of the Alpine foothills surrounds our guests in the weeks and days they spend at our retreat, our refuge.


$$$ Expensive


The 4 pillars of F. X. Mayr regeneration. It’s always been simple concepts that have had the greatest success in the long term. Dr Franz Xaver Mayr developed the four healing principles rest, cleansing, education and substitution which the F. X. Mayr cure’s worldwide success is based on today.

Specialized & focus

Programs & Retreats

Blocked energies are made to flow again through 30 included spa treatments (medical services, physiotherapy, liver detoxification) and weekly 40 freely selectable professionally guided trainings such as yoga, Pilates, Qi-Gong, mindfulness training, breathing training, guided hikes, Nordic walking, back training and much more. An individual medically supervised diet has replaced the conventional milk and bread fasting. Allergies and food intolerances are taken into consideration. Medical coaching for questions about nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, life balance.

The Rickatschwende F. X. Mayr Health Retreat is situated in stunning Vorarlberg. Nature lovers will find countless quiet, remote spots around our hotel. You can place yourself in competent hands at the Rickatschwende Retreat, one of the few award-winning F. X. Mayr health centres in the world.


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