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SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea between the bay of Altea and the natural park of Sierra Helada. More than 5000 m2 of natural park surrounded by cliffs on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Lifestyle and nutrition condition, together with genetics, our health and well-being. The SHA method integrates the most effective natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition, without neglecting the latest advances in Western medicine, especially in preventive medicine, genetics and anti-aging. The coordinated and supervised fusion of these therapies significantly enhances the positive impact that these therapies would have on an individual basis.



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SHA Wellness Clinic’s healthy nutrition aims to introduce our guest’s into a healthy nutrition capable of rebalancing the body and boosting its ability to restore itself. You can choose the ideal health or wellness program for you.

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Wellness programs:
Optimal Weight. To achieve a reduction in weight by means of a healthy, progressive and balanced programme – under strict medical supervision and supported by a team of nutrition experts and a programme of physical exercise.

Detox. Cleanse the body of toxins accumulated from bad eating habits and external contaminating agents. Ascertain the body’s level of oxidative stress by performing specific tests with a view to taking corrective measures.

Healthy Ageing. Optimise health by delaying or reducing the effects of ageing. To determine the indicators of your biological age and compare it to your chronological age, as well as the factors that could have a negative impact on your quality of life.

SHA is a paradise at the service of your health and wellbeing.


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